Banana mask for hair and acne


Did you know the benefits of banana for hair and face? This fruit that we eat often is very useful in the world of beauty. It is rich in potassium and vitamins that nourish the dermal and capillary layers to keep them radiant. Therefore, we believe it is convenient to teach you how to make a banana mask.

In this article you will learn what the banana mask is for, as well as all its benefits and certain applications that you may not know about. With the banana facial rejuvenation is achieved and the premature appearance of wrinkles on the skin is prevented, while the hair restores its strength, shine and recovers even the most abused.

How to make a banana hair mask

Although here we explain how to do it for hair, the same formula works for acne, as you will see later.

Do you have undernourished and frayed hair? Can’t straighten it or get the curls back? Your hair got burned and you haven’t restored the ends? Try the mask that we show you below.

Banana and honey for dry hair

If your hair is too dry, you need an extra supply of hydration. Honey or olive oil are two ingredients that promote water retention in cells due to the presence of essential fatty acids. To make it, peel a banana, chop it with a fork and add the honey with the oil. Stir everything well in a container until it forms an applicable paste. Apply the mask all over your hair and wait for 25 minutes for its benefits to transfer.

Homemade aloe vera and banana mask for damaged hair

Damaged hair needs regenerating nutrients both on the ends and on the scalp, to restore its shine and volume. Aloe vera is one of the ingredients with the highest regeneration capacity that you will find in natural cosmetics. That is why I recommend it for this homemade banana mask.

Its preparation is extremely easy: you just have to pour all the ingredients into a bowl and mix them correctly until they are evenly mixed. Then apply them on the hair and wait for them to act for 25 minutes. Do this mask a couple of times a week, or three if it is very battered or burned.

Is banana good for acne?

Normally, the banana-based treatment on the face has been carried out using masks, in which its pulp is integrated after crushing the fruit to form a paste to which different ingredients can be added. For example, sensitive skin takes better advantage of sweet almond oil, while skin with acne, psoriasis or blemishes needs rosehip.

Therefore, apply the above mask for 20-25 minutes all over your face, letting your skin benefit from the properties. Afterwards, remove it by washing with water and remember to air dry or with a clean towel, as dirt will spoil the effect of the treatment.

Why is the banana mask so effective?

Banana has a high concentration of potassium, which makes it ideal for combating wrinkles, as well as delaying their formation. In addition, its benefits increase when it enters into synergy with more fruits and natural compounds such as honey, which hydrates the dermis and protects it from acne due to its antibacterial action.

In addition, something you probably did not know is that banana skin is also used because it contains vitamins that slow the aging of the skin, it is rich in minerals and various antioxidant compounds. Serves to relieve redness, irritation, and stings. You just have to gently rub the affected area with the peel to calm the redness. However, if the problem persists, we advise you to visit a dermatologist, and never use it to heal wounds as I have read elsewhere, as it could cause an infection.


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