What is the strawberry mask for and how to make it?

The strawberries are refreshing fruits, a delight for the palate, rich in dozens of nutrients that the body preserve health. But they also serve as a remedy...

What is the baking soda mask for?

Many of us have blemishes on our faces, acne, blackheads, and pimples that we can't get rid of. If we do not take care of...

Uses and properties of coconut oil for health and beauty

The coconut oil is a great ally in the beauty thanks to its moisturizing properties, but also has many uses in health. Know all its benefits in...

Rosehip Oil – Properties and Results

The rosehip oil is one of the most used in the world of cosmetics for all the benefits it offers. In this article you will learn about...

Banana mask for hair and acne

Did you know the benefits of banana for hair and face? This fruit that we eat often is very useful in the world of beauty. It is...

Aloe vera: Properties, benefits and what it is for

The aloe vera plant, also known as aloe vera, has incredible cosmetic and health properties. We are not talking about any commercial product, but the vegetable and its...

Lemon for face and hair

Lemon for  and we can make our own natural preparations. The lemon is one of them, an ancient product has been in use since the human...

Homemade face masks

Before making your mask, it is essential to know what type of skin you have and what its characteristics are (oily, dry, combination). The...

Gelatin or gelatin mask for acne and hair

In many cases, home remedies are the best beauty treatment you can try. If your problem is related to blackheads, a good solution is to...

Tomato mask for acne and hair

If you have read this article, you surely know that tomato is very beneficial for personal care. It contains numerous nutrients, which we can use for hair...

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