How to make an oatmeal, honey and lemon mask?

The porridge is not only a nutritious cereal you can eat, but you can apply masks to fight acne, prevent pimples, nourish the skin and hair. In...

Benefits and contraindications of Facial Radiofrequency

The radiofrequency facial is an advanced method for reducing wrinkles without resorting to treatments that require surgery. There is a lot to tell about the technique, as...

Types of clay: Green, white and red – Properties and masks

Although clays are very similar in properties, depending on your skin type you will need one or the other. Therefore, click on one of the clays...

How to make a honey mask for your face and hair

Honey is a product made by bees that has multiple cosmetic and health uses. It is full of benefits that we can take advantage of...

How to make homemade face scrubs?

Today we bring you endless homemade face scrubs, made with natural ingredients and very easy to prepare. Choose the one that best suits your skin. It is...

What is the homemade charcoal mask for?

Charcoal is the latest in natural remedies for skin care, especially for removing blackheads. However, you have to know which one to buy and use...

What is Bran Soap for?

In this blog we have already talked about various soaps for skin, acne and beauty treatments. Among them we mention sulfur, calendula, aleppo and...

Milled rice mask: how to make it and all its benefits

The milled rice is one of the best facial scrubs that exist today. Its grains get rid of dead cells, and rice water provides a firming effect to the...

How to make a gold face mask

The gold hides many legends behind its beauty and human interest collection. Even in aesthetics, it is a highly demanded mineral due to the properties it provides...

Vitamins for hair and skin

If you want to show off healthy hair and youthful skin, incorporate all the vitamins necessary for the body into your diet. Vitamins for hair Vitamins for hair are...

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