Homemade masks for acne


Acne skin needs special treatments that regulate oil, clean it of impurities, remove spots and marks left by pimples. Today we bring you the best homemade acne masks, which will disinfect and purify your face with great efficiency.

These face masks help disinfect pimples and purify the skin of toxins. In addition, they are very easy to prepare and all are made with inexpensive ingredients that you have on hand at home. If you are wondering how to get rid of acne?, do not miss what we have prepared for you.

What are the benefits of these home remedies for acne?

Regardless of the specific differences of each ingredient, the masks to remove stains, usually present in adolescents and youth, have some benefits in common.

  • They disinfect the pimples. This condition occurs because the excess sebum produced by our glands accumulates on the face, forming nodules and, after a bacterial infection, pimples form on the face, neck, chest and back. Disinfection is necessary and some compounds such as honey, lemon, bicarbonate or aloe vera have cleansing properties.
  • They regulate the fat deposited on the face. The elimination of accumulated fat through good facial cleansing is essential. In some cases, the mask will have exfoliating power, a plus in this treatment that you should try.
  • To get the best benefits from this home remedy, try all the masks and alternate each week.

There is also a general procedure for removing severe acne.

  1. Facial cleansing. The results are much better when, before applying the mask, you carry out a deep cleansing of the skin that removes impurities and allows adequate penetration of the natural active ingredients. Learn how to do a professional homemade facial cleansing here.
  2. We will exfoliate the skin twice a week. There are many ways to exfoliate that remove blackheads and layers of dead cells. For more information, read How to make homemade face scrubs?
  3. They are not suitable for the eye contour, so you should avoid the area when you apply it.
  4. After treatment, the excess is removed with warm water and dried with a clean towel.
  5. You can supplement with a moisturizing cream for oily skin or deposit a few drops of rosehip oil on pimples, comedones and pustules, since many dermatologists recommend it to make acne vulgaris disappear.

Homemade anti acne mask with aloe vera, honey and lemon

The benefits of aloe vera are well known. This plant has a healing, emollient, stimulating effect on the defenses and promoter of tissue regeneration, thanks to its content of nutrients such as aloin, emolin, mucilages, saponins, mucopolysaccharides, aloin and minerals. For its part, lemon purifies and disinfects, while honey is antibacterial and helps eliminate spots, papules and scars.

To make this acne mask, first extract the gel from the aloe vera (you can also buy it at a pharmacy or herbalist if you don’t have a plant at home). Put two tablespoons of aloe vera in a container, one tablespoon of squeezed lemon and a half of honey. Mix well until smooth and apply to face.

Rosehip and yogurt to remove acne spots Rosehip is one of the best known oils to eliminate acne naturally, and improve the tone of the epidermis by reducing the color of blemishes. Many dermatologists recommend it on a daily basis as it is not excessively expensive and is very rich in vitamins C, E, other antioxidant agents, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. At the same time, the skimmed yogurt moisturizes without giving a greasy sensation, becoming a must for the “mixed” ones. And it is very refreshing!

In the preparation of this homemade mask, mix half a tablespoon of rosehip in a natural yogurt, which is not sugary. Afterwards, you don’t have to apply it a couple of times a week.

Egg, tea tree oil and oatmeal to fight acne skin. Tea tree oil has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for infections, including those of the skin. Therefore, integrated into face masks, it is a good product to remove common acne from the face and body. The ground oat flakes provide exfoliating power that cleanses the layers of dead cells and removes the impurities that accumulate on the face during the day. Finally, the egg (preferably only the white) gives elasticity and absorbs part of the secreted sebum.

Making it is very simple, you just have to add all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them until a homogeneous paste is formed. If it is too runny, add half a banana and mash it with a fork to give it some thickness.

Natural Green Clay Exfoliating Mask Against Acne

The green clay is one of the most purifying elements that exist today, to remove toxins and cleanse the face as he brings certain minerals. It is not only used in cosmetics, but also in health to soothe irritations and certain inflammations. In addition, the clay serves as a homemade anti acne solution.

To make this mask, buy powdered green clay and add some to it in a glass container. Pour in warm water until it acquires a texture that is pleasant to your touch. To make it more effective, add aloe vera, honey or lemon.


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