How to do a homemade facial cleansing step by step


Whatever type of skin you have, oily, combination or dry, they all need to be very clean if you want to keep it young and silky for many years. Anti-aging treatments are fine, but you are probably not getting the most out of them because impurities in the skin prevent them from penetrating properly. To take care of your skin, you need to do a deep facial cleansing. In this article we will tell you step by step how to do it at home in a professional way.

Products to use in a homemade facial cleansing

Maybe you have never considered this: you shower with a bath gel, you wash your hair with your favorite shampoo, but for the skin of the face you don’t have any specific product, right? It is important that in your washbasin or toiletry bag you have the following cosmetics to clean the skin, especially the first and third, as well as that you get used to using them every day. Let’s start by getting to know them better.

A cleansing gel

It is your bath gel but for the face, which has much thinner skin and is different from the rest of the body. Therefore, it needs you to take care of it with the cosmetic that has an appropriate composition. You will use it daily in your facial cleansing, as it is the main component of this routine. A good cleansing gel means you don’t need a toner.

To apply the gel, moisten your skin with water, put a drop on your hand and spread it well all over the face. Rub gently, massaging in a circular motion for about thirty seconds. Then remove with plenty of water.

A facial toner

The toner is the second piece of this professional treatment. Eliminate impurities that you have not been able to remove with the gel. To use it, you just have to put a few drops on a cotton ball and spread well all over the face, avoiding the eye contour.

When you remove the cotton, you will be surprised how it can be so black. The skin is exposed to so much pollution that it has accumulated a lot of dirt during the day. A good facial cleansing works to remove all this dirt. If not, it accumulates and the cells will deteriorate favoring the aging of the skin.

A scrub

A scrub is essential in a good professional cleaning. Even people with sensitive skin use it in their personal care. It is recommended that it be an exfoliating cream and not a gel, because this way, at the same time you will hydrate the skin and it will not dry out. On the other hand, if your skin is very oily, it will be better if it is a gel texture. The best scrubs are those with only walnut shells. An alternative for those who have acne is the application of sulfur soap.

You cannot include this product daily in your routine, but you can include it two or three times a week. Apply it after the toner. What it does is eliminate blackheads and make the skin cleanse much more thorough. Unclogging pores is essential if you want your beauty treatment to be more effective.

Facial masks for a homemade skin cleansing

An ideal complement is the elaboration of homemade masks for the face. When you do a facial, you may have the feeling that your skin is too dry. Therefore, applying a good mask is essential to maintain optimal hydration. In the previous link you can see different combinations that you can try and how to apply them. Another option is to make an avocado mask.

When you carry out this routine every day, after a week you will notice a radical change and you will have radiant skin. The effect of facial cleansing is noticeable almost instantly, it is as if you do not shower and suddenly you do it every day.

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