How to make a carrot mask


The carrot, whose scientific name is Daucus carota, is a vegetable that is consumed mainly in food, but also has benefits in the field of beauty. Its oil is used in bronzers, and one way to take advantage of its properties is by making masks.



In this article, you will learn what the carrot mask is for and how to make it at home in different ways depending on the type of skin. First, we’ll start by explaining its most notable health benefits, in order for you to use it properly.

What is carrot for and what are its benefits?

  • The best known about carrots is its ability to tan the skin, as well as in eye care, but there are many other benefits that you may not know about this umbelliferous. Improve appetite.
  • Reduces fluid retention due to its diuretic benefits.
  • Reduces constipation and takes care of the intestines because it contains fiber.
  • Regulates acidity.
  • In its composition you will find vitamin, and some minerals such as phosphorus or potassium.
  • Gives hair shine and stimulates the secretion of essential oil thanks to provitamin A, known as beta-carotene, a molecule from which humans synthesize vitamin A. Vitamin A provides strength to nails, and in the skin it helps to restore cells affected by inclement weather.

Having seen these properties, we realize that it is convenient to make carrot masks for the skin and hair, since it has a lot to contribute to our beauty. Let’s see how to do them.

How to make a homemade carrot mask?

Carrot mask for acne and blemishes

One of the biggest concerns in people with oily skin is acne. A treatment with the fruit of this biennial plant is used to combat the pimples that form acne and all the spots that they leave, since it stimulates cell regeneration. Therefore, it is also a powerful anti-aging.

To prepare the carrot mask, mash a couple on medium slow speed until a cream forms. Then add a tablespoon of honey and several drops of lemon, whose antiseptic action helps dry pimples. If you have very damaged skin, add more nutrients such as egg, aloe vera or yogurt.

Spread the mask all over your face and neck, lie down and relax for 15 minutes so that it works even to the deepest layers of the dermis. With honey you will be able to give it a touch of hydration and you will not need to apply a cream after this home treatment.

Carlota and egg for hair

There are those who do not know of any specific hair treatment that will restore split ends, shine, volume, or curls. In our section of home remedies for hair we have told you hundreds of hair beauty tricks that will be of interest to you. Today we bring you another one in relation to carrot masks, since provitamin A stimulates their growth and the production of natural sebum.

To make the mask, mash the carrot until it forms a paste, add a couple of tablespoons of a vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, coconut or argan) and stir until well mixed. We also recommend adding an egg as a source of minerals and protein. Apply to all hair, from roots to ends, wrap it with a damp towel so that no drop escapes and let it act for 25 minutes.

To remove it, wash your hair with your usual shampoo. You can do this treatment once or twice a week.


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