Lemon for face and hair


Lemon for  and we can make our own natural preparations. The lemon is one of them, an ancient product has been in use since the human being has memory. The Egyptians already integrated it into their beauty treatments, and today many cosmetics implement it among their active principles. In this article you will know all the secrets about lemon for the face and hair.

Lemon has a great variety of components that give it great properties in its nutritional and cosmetic use. Focusing on the latter, thanks to the presence of AHA or alpha hydroxy acids, antioxidant vitamins and various minerals, it is a luxury for the skin, as it fights against aging, is regenerating and softening, while in hair it provides softening and softening benefits. moisturizers. In addition, its citrus aroma is very pleasant. Let’s start by looking at its benefits in hair.

Lemon for hair

Hair is one of the most important parts of our image. However, due to the excessive use of irons and dryers, as well as continuous exposure to the sun, it is essential to take care of it to show off a strong, shiny and resistant hair to fall.

To solve these problems, lemon juice has many benefits that can help you:

  • Promotes hair growth and prevents hair
  • Regulates fat and pH allowing it to grow healthy and strong.
  • It restores all its shine, making it look healthier.
  • It lightens the hair, something that will notice especially the most blonde manes.
  • It is an excellent anti-dandruff remedy thanks to its antiseptic properties.
  • It is very rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc…

Direct application of lemon on oily hair

You do not need to combine it with other ingredients: lemon juice is used to combat hair loss, dandruff, regulate sebum and prevent other hair conditions, restoring its shine and vitality.

How to apply it?

  • Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm water and apply it all over your hair.
  • Let it act as a conditioner for half an hour.
  • Wash the hair with your usual shampoo to remove the excess.
  • Repeat this treatment a couple of times a week.

In a short time, you will notice a feeling of freshness and softness in all your hair, it will recover its shine and reduce frizz.

Lemon and egg mask

The egg is a food very rich in proteins, essential fats and other nutrients that, combined with the benefits of lemon, you will obtain a nourishing, regenerating and strengthening mask for your hair.

The ingredients you need are:

  • Juice of 1 lemon.
  • 1 egg.

How to prepare it?

  • First beat the egg in a bowl, and then add the lemon juice.
  • Apply to all hair, including roots and ends.
  • Wrap the hair with plastic wrap and wait for half an hour to act.
  • Rinse off with your regular shampoo.
  • Repeat the process 1 or 2 times a week.

Lemon and aloe vera mask for dandruff

Mixing aloe vera with lemon we obtain a mask with great moisturizing and antimicrobial properties that help eliminate dandruff once and for all. In addition, the nutritive compounds in aloe vera stimulate hair growth while controlling sebum production.

Necessary ingredients:

  • Two-leaf aloe vera gel.
  • Juice of half a lemon.

How do you prepare?

  • Extract the gel from the aloe vera leaves, pour it over a bowl and add the lemon juice. You can also use a pure aloe vera gel purchased at your favorite store.
  • Stir well until smooth.
  • Apply to hair and cover with a towel.
  • Wait half an hour while its nutrients penetrate the scalp.
  • Wash with your usual shampoo and avoid using the dryer.

You can go combining the lemon with other ingredients such as almond oil or olive oil to see which of all the masks suits you best.

Lemon and coconut water to prevent hair loss

The coconut water contains minerals and vitamins which act synergistically with lemon to prevent hair loss. The ingredients you need are:

  • Juice of half a lemon.
  • Coconut water: half a glass.


  • Mix the two ingredients and spread them over the scalp and ends.
  • Let it work for half an hour.
  • Go into the shower and wash with shampoo and warm water.
  • Use this treatment a couple of times a week.

Lemon for skin

But this does not stop here: lemon bicarbonate is an excellent remedy for the care and cleansing of the skin on the face. Its function is to eliminate impurities, reduce the size of light spots and promote healing. But, in essence, it is a great regulator of facial fat. Many facial cleansers contain lemon juice extract for this reason, and if you have oily skin, acne, psoriasis, or related skin conditions, few natural ingredients will work better than this one.

Another of its great benefits lies in its content in vitamin C, a vitamin that delays the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet and other unpleasant signs of age. It stimulates the regeneration of cells and prevents apoptosis by neutralizing free radicals, generated by stress. Other properties of lemon are:

  • Again, it promotes healing, skin repair caused by inclement weather and scratches.
  • Fight excess fat.
  • Nourishes with minerals and vitamins.
  • Hydrates in depth.
  • Some use it to whiten the skin. Squeeze lemon juice and apply it directly to the area to be treated (face, body…).
  • Exfoliates the skin for its richness in alpha hydroxacids. This way you will have a much healthier and cleaner dermis.
  • It can be combined with good ingredients such as honey, oatmeal, tomato, sugar and salt to exfoliate or the egg to hydrate. Aloe Vera is another great natural asset that will enhance its anti-aging action.

1. Direct use of lemon on the face

Lemon juice can be applied in two ways. One of them is directly on the skin, squeezing a few drops of the juice. You just have to cut a lemon in two and squeeze it, dropping a few drops on your fingertips and spreading them on acne pimples or blemishes.

The correct way of application is starting in the center of the forehead and moving the fingers outwards. On the lower part of the face, you start from the chin, and work your way up to the cheeks.

2. Application with your favorite cream

The other option of using lemon, especially to provide anti-wrinkle nutrients, is by adding a small amount to the serum that you use daily in your facial beauty ritual. It is a way of loading nutrients and enhancing the moisturizing effect of the cream, as well as its antioxidant, regenerating and softening capabilities. In the end, you will notice that premature skin aging is delayed.

However, it should be noted that the results vary depending on the type of cosmetic you use as support. In addition, other factors influence such as having previously cleaned the skin to free it of toxins and impurities that accumulate during the day, or the fidelity that you give to the treatment, since perseverance is essential if you want it to be effective.


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