Properties of Aleppo Soap


The soap alepo is one of the most commonly used, with sulfur soap, by dermatologists to treat skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis. There are many properties that characterize it, such as its anti-inflammatory and relaxing power. In this article we show you all its benefits, what it is for and how to use it.

Traditionally, Aleppo soap has been made from two vegetable oils: laurel and olive. It began to be made in Aleppo, the city that gave it its name. According to some scriptures, it precedes the Marseille soap. The other two ingredients they incorporate are water and sodium hydroxide, essential for saponification.

Next you will see all its properties.

Properties of aleppo soap on hair and skin

The original recipe has been passed between generations until we have the one we know today. However, there are many combinations to make soap, which will have different properties depending on its composition. Among the benefits it brings to the skin:

  • For acne. This dermatological condition that appears during the first years of adolescence, at puberty, consists of the alteration of sebum production in the face. Hormones are “freaked out” and secrete more fat than normal. If the skin is not cleaned properly, the bacteria end up causing an inflammation of the follicles that lead to acne. Some dermatologists recommend aleppo soap to prevent acne, as it regulates sebum levels on the face.
  • In psoriasis. An alteration in the immune system is the cause of this dermatological condition. Many scaly bodies appear on the skin. The cleaning properties of aleppo soap, as well as its antibacterial and disinfectant action are effective for its treatment. Still, a combination with the right medications is always better.
  • For hair. Hair needs constant hydration and a supply of minerals that are sometimes lacking in our diet. The olive oil present in aleppo soap provides unsaturated fatty acids that preserve cell hydration and nourish hair follicles and fibers. It will be strengthened and smooth. There are many shampoos that include it.
  • For the skin. Both of the face and the body, it is very useful for all the skin diseases mentioned above. Aleppo soap is an excellent cleanser and moisturizer. However, if you want to do a routine facial, we recommend that you visit the following post: How to do a home facial step by step.
  • In shaving. The foam it produces protects the skin against redness.

What are the contraindications of aleppo soap?

This product does not present any type of important contraindication, since its ingredients are practically innocuous. The only thing you have to be careful of is that it does not come into direct contact with your eyes. Do not eat. Keep out of the reach of children. Before using to treat psoriasis or acne, consult your doctor or dermatologist.

How to use it?

Its application is very easy, it is similar to sulfur soap. First, dip your hands in warm water. Afterwards, rub it gently to make it lather. Spread it over the part of your body that you want to treat with light massages.

Remember to avoid sensitive areas such as the eye contour or the natural orifices of the body. When you’re done, rinse your hands. It may be convenient to use a moisturizer to prevent them from being too dry.

Where to buy Aleppo soap? Advice

On the internet you will find many opinions about the results that aleppo soap gives, and the most interesting stores to buy it. From here we recommend that you try to buy on Amazon, since the products are usually of quality. You can also go to a pharmacy or a herbalist, they probably have and will have different recipes, many of them homemade.


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