Rosehip Oil – Properties and Results


The rosehip oil is one of the most used in the world of cosmetics for all the benefits it offers. In this article you will learn about its properties and the best products on the market with this active principle. Click on the section of the index that interests you to read.

Rosehip properties

There are many benefits that rosehip oil gives us. All this is due to:

  • The presence of unsaturated fatty acids. They are lipids that we cannot synthesize ourselves, but they are essential to be able to live. Therefore, we must acquire them either from the diet, or from a constant routine with natural cosmetics. Among them are omega 3 and omega 6.
  • Vitamins C and E. They are powerful antioxidants. For example, rosehip contains three times as much vitamin C as olive oil. It is one of the details that makes it so important.
  • Vitamin A. Necessary for nutrition and cell function.
  • Nutritive molecules. In addition to vitamins, it provides us with another series of molecules to stimulate cell metabolism, which prevent free radicals and oxidation and aging of the skin.
  • We are going to see more uses of this natural oily extract below.

· 1. Action against photoaging

  • Rosehip oil is a good protector against UVA rays. It works by calming the skin damaged by sunlight and improving its appearance and color. In addition, it prevents the formation of spots caused by this radiation so harmful to our skin – and sometimes to our health, since it is responsible for the appearance of melanomas.

2. Hydration and nutrition

Essential fatty acids play a crucial structural role in cell membranes. Its elasticity is improved by the production of elastin, and turgor, thus avoiding water loss. For this reason, rosehip is a key active ingredient in moisturizing cosmetics.

In addition, water retention helps regulate the flexibility of the skin.

3. A powerful anti-aging that reduces expression lines on the skin

Wrinkles fade over time due to the presence of antioxidant molecules such as vitamins E and C in high concentrations. In addition, rosehip oil is able to penetrate more internal layers within the dermis, thus acting against wrinkles from the root.

4. Reduces blemishes and stretch marks

A cosmetic with this active ingredient is prone to eliminating skin blemishes as it stimulates the production of collagen in cells.

It also contributes to the production of hyaluronic acid by fibroblasts, helping to regenerate the skin in scars and reduce skin burns.

Where can rosehip oil be applied?

The oil is used for both facial and body use. On the face it is usually applied together with a cream, to which several drops of rosehip are added, especially on dry skin. In some cases it is applied directly to damaged or photoaged areas.

With this, you get a smooth, hydrated skin, and a notable decrease in expression lines.

In cases of mild acne, a small drop of rosehip is applied to each granite and taps with the fingers until completely absorbed.

On the body, it is used to perform massages, although its most important property is the reduction of stretch marks. For the time indicated by the dermatologist, spread on damaged skin until completely absorbed.

The best products on the market with Rosehip

Dermohelp Total Complex


This cosmetic is committed to the set of several of the best oils that exist, since in this way it gathers all its properties in a single product, enhancing its effect and covering the prevention of more signs of aging.

Combine rosehip oil with argan oil, wheat germ oil, arnica oil, sweet almond oil, and avocado. In addition, it includes tocopherol as a natural preservative, since vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant.

Personally, it is the one I like the most of all precisely because of this integration of several active ingredients and because of the great results it leaves on my skin. I got a feeling of constant hydration and smoothness in about two weeks.


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