What is the baking soda mask for?


Many of us have blemishes on our faces, acne, blackheads, and pimples that we can’t get rid of. If we do not take care of our skin, pimples can appear due to the accumulation of fat and bacteria that cause an infection, affecting the different dermal layers. These and other skin problems can be alleviated with a baking soda mask, a natural and home remedy that cleanses the face and regulates sebum secretion.

In this article we show you what the bicarbonate mask is for, how to make it at home to improve the condition of the face, how to combine it with lemon, honey and other ingredients, and other questions that will be of interest to you.

Benefits of baking soda mask for face and acne

With this homemade solution, you will be able to dry out the pimples caused by certain skin conditions. Let’s take a deep look at what baking soda is for:

  • Cleanse the face. The face is exposed every day to the elements of the environment, which dirty the epidermis and accumulate toxins. Sometimes we leave it too forgotten.
  • For acne. A problem that affects our aesthetics if we do not take care of it properly. A mask of bicarbonate and lemon is a solution to regulate the fat deposited on the pimples and disinfect from microorganisms.
  • For stains. It is ideal for whitening the skin.
  • Provides hydration, especially when you mix the mask with honey, coconut oil, or argan oil. Vitamins and essential fatty acids stimulate cell metabolism, while retaining water by properly preserving cell membranes.
  • It serves to balance the pH of the face or any part of the body, since one of its greatest benefits is that it is amphoteric, that is, it can have the role of base or acid.
  • It is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, however, it is not the best mask for sensitive skin, as it can cause excess dryness, causing redness and minor irritations.
  • It is inexpensive, its application is simple, and anyone can learn how to do it.
  • Next, you will learn how to make a baking soda mask for a deep facial cleansing, and achieve an exfoliation of the skin that eliminates blackheads and layers of dead cells.

· How to make a baking soda mask for your face

Adding the baking soda to the water will give you a lumpy mixture that works as an exfoliator to shrink pores. However, to be sure that it does not cause allergic reactions or too much dryness, it is advisable to apply it first to a small region of the skin to see how it reacts. We also recommend that you visit a dermatologist before starting treatment.

The ingredients needed for a baking soda mask are:

  • Baking soda: a couple of tablespoons.
  • Natural mineral water. Never take the one from the tap.
  • Lemon if you have very oily skin.
  • Honey if your face is dry, as it deeply hydrates.
  • Any other ingredient that you are used to like aloe vera, olive oil, acetylsalicylic acid, etc.


  1. Add all of the baking soda to the water.
  2. Stir well until smooth.
  3. Deposit a few drops of lemon, or half a tablespoon of honey depending on your needs. For increased exfoliation, Bayer Aspirin is a good choice.
  4. Spread the mask over the entire face, avoiding the eye contour (you must have previously cleaned it, if you don’t know how to do it, enter here ).
  5. Wait between a quarter of an hour and 20 minutes.
  6. Remove with plenty of water.
  7. If you see that the skin of the face becomes very dry, apply a moisturizer or some vegetable oil, as well as a few drops of hydrogen peroxide.

For oily skin and remove stains

As I explained before, if the skin is too oily, put half a tablespoon of lemon juice, since among its properties we have the regulation of sebum, which helps to dry out pimples even more. You may notice some stinging or burning in the pimples that have a wound, but it is normal.

In addition, lemon is an excellent facial cleanser, thanks to the citric acid present in its composition, and contributes to the elimination of skin blemishes.

Curing chest acne

Those who suffer from acne on the chest, neck or upper back area, can take a bath with lemon juice and sodium carbonate. In this case it is not a mask, and the preparation is as follows:

  1. Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water.
  2. Add half a glass of baking soda.
  3. Stir well until smooth.
  4. Get in the bathtub and enjoy for a quarter of an hour.
  5. Rinse your entire body well.

With this homemade solution you will be able to significantly reduce acne and pimples. After the treatment, you can apply a body milk to hydrate.

Mask contraindications

As the baking soda mask for the face causes dryness, it is recommended to use the face mask first on a small region of the skin. If it does not cause an adverse reaction, apply it once a week for a month, and then you can use it twice a week.

If your skin is too sensitive, we again recommend that you visit a doctor, as this product, although natural, can be dangerous if not used with caution.

Finally, to prevent acne and pimples, we advise you to perform at least one daily facial cleansing, preventing the accumulation of dirt and grease.


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