What is the homemade potato mask for and how to make it step by step


Almost no one would think that you could make a potato mask to preserve your beauty, right? This food has innumerable benefits for the skin of the face and body, that is why we want to show you what it is for and how to make it at home.

Do you want to fight acne naturally? What about the spots you have on your face? How to nourish your hair without going out of budget in the attempt? In this article you will know what the potato mask is for : all the uses that we can give it and the different properties it gives us in a beauty treatment. Let’s start with your benefits.

Benefits of a potato treatment

  • The potato offers nutrients that are used for the care of the face and hair. As you will see below, you do not need complicated formulas to make the mask, and it will be very economical. With this mask, you will get the following advantages: breakdown of the skin. The potato provides softness and an emollient effect.
  • Hydration of dry skin. Some dermatologists do not stick to the traditional rosehip oil, but to reduce wrinkles, they recommend cooked or raw potatoes to improve the condition of the skin. They also hydrate because, being vegetable, they contain unsaturated fatty acids that maintain the structure of the lipid bilayers in cell membranes.
  • Nourishes the complexion. Potatoes have countless nutrients that the dermis needs to fill in the signs of aging and hide the crow’s feet that appear over the years.
  • For the bad smell. If you have a tendency to sweat and this causes a stench in your body, try a mask with potatoes and an essential oil.

How to make a potato mask for face, blemishes and acne?

Cooked potato mask

One of the ways you can prepare the mask is by cooking the tuber. Don’t worry, its preparation is very simple. All you need is to cook a potato and then mash it to puree it. Do not do it at maximum power because we need it to have consistency when applying it to the face. In fact, it is best if you peel and mash it with a fork.

For drier skin, add a tablespoon of olive oil, for oilier just plain water. If you have acne, you can add lemon and honey, as they have disinfectant properties and help to dry out the characteristic pimples of this skin disease.

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Raw potato to fight wrinkles

Another way to make your homemade potato-based mask is to use this raw nightshade plant. First, peel, wash, and rub the potato to remove any surrounding dirt and grime.

Take a grater and break it into very small pieces, and add it to a bowl with your favorite ingredients. In this case, we recommend the following:

  • Grated cucumber
  • Grated tomato
  • Aloe vera liquid.
  • Sweet almond oil.

Blend everything on low power until a smooth paste forms. Apply it to the face and neck without coming into contact with the eyes or the contour. You can also let it act in your hands. Wait 15 minutes and after a few weeks using this treatment you will begin to notice a more hydrated, nourished and smoother skin.


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