What is the yogurt mask for and how to make it at home?


Yogurt is a natural dairy that, used in a mask, is used to fight acne and brighten the face. This nutritious food for the body is full of health benefits. But it can also be used on the skin. In this article you will learn how to make a homemade yogurt mask for your face and hair.

Benefits of a yogurt mask

The elaboration of a mask based on natural yogurt and honey brings numerous advantages in terms of aesthetics.

For acne

It is known that this milk which is produced from milk has antimicrobial properties. Yogurt disinfects the skin of bacteria that cause acne, preventing the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

Fight the signs of aging

Our dermis tends to wrinkle over time, it is something natural. However, premature aging can be delayed thanks to lactic acid, which removes the layers of dead skin, allowing new cells to proliferate and show a luminous and rejuvenated epidermis.

For the hair

Damaged hair can take advantage of the benefits of yogurt to de-frizz it and regain the strength and shine that used to characterize it. It is a natural element that serves both for dry hair, to which it provides nutrients and hydration if you combine it with honey, and for oilier hair, which together with yogurt regulates the sebum that is secreted in the hair fibers.

Other properties

  • Provides smoothness. Again, lactic acid helps in the peeling of “inert” skin and relieves redness. With the yogurt mask, the face is softened by calming the most irritated areas.
  • Protects against UV rays. Continuing with the previous point, when you feel that your face itches or is very reddish due to excessive exposure to solar radiation, use yogurt and honey for the face, as it preserves skin moisture.

How to make a homemade yogurt, honey and lemon mask

Before telling you how to make a mask with yogurt, you should take into account some points. First of all, remember to clean the face to remove the impurities that prevent the correct absorption of the active molecules present in the dairy. Once you’ve finished cleansing, allow your face to air dry or use a clean towel.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that some people show allergic reactions when applied to the skin, so it is important to test a small region of the face (such as the cheekbone) before spreading it all over.

Honey and yogurt for dry skin and hair

The driest skin needs the help of other ingredients such as honey, which give it an extra touch of hydration and your face will thank you. In addition, as it is antibacterial and anti acne and the spots that pimples leave after they are removed.

To make the mask, take a yogurt and put it in a bowl. Add a tablespoon of honey and another of olive oil (if your skin is very sensitive you can substitute sweet almond oil). Add a few drops of vitamin E, stir everything until a homogeneous mixture is left and apply for 20-25 minutes. Remove with water.

Yogurt and lemon mask for oily face or hair

Oily skin is more prone to acne. Lemon helps to dry out pimples caused by this condition of the dermis, while yogurt absorbs secreted fat. And your hair will never be greasy again.

To prepare this mask, you need a unit of this dairy, half a tablespoon of lemon juice and a half of aloe vera. Mix everything in a cup and spread it over the face, leaving it to act for a quarter of an hour.

Exfoliating mask with yogurt and sugar, very effective

If you have blackheads, a great ally is sugar. Sugar contributes to the reduction of pores, since it carries away dirt. Additionally, it softens the skin and simultaneously nourishes and hydrates it.

The only thing you need in this mask is a yogurt and two dessert tablespoons of sugar. You can regulate the amount depending on your needs or the sensitivity of the skin. Mix everything and apply with gentle massages, avoiding direct contact with the eyes. Afterwards, apply your usual cream.


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