Witch hazel: what is it for and where to buy?


The witch hazel is particularly suitable for the care of the face, as it moisturizes, nourishes and slows premature skin aging. In this article you will know all its properties.

There are different types of witch hazel that are grown mainly in Asia and North America. These shrubs are classified in the Hamamelidaceae family, they are characterized by not exceeding 7 meters in height, being deciduous and oval. Its flowers are of warm colors, usually red, yellow or orange.

This small tree was formerly used in beauty rituals, as its leaves are an excellent skin tonic. However, its internal use is not recommended, as it has too many contraindications and could be toxic. Moreover, ancient Indian populations described witch hazel as the devil’s plant, because they thought that it had medicinal properties but its consumption was harmful.

What is witch hazel water for on the face?

Witch hazel extract deeply cleanses the dirt that accumulates in the pores of the face, closes them and provides a better appearance to the complexion. The best way to use it is to make a small homemade mask with the water and flour, and then apply it all over the face, avoiding the eye contour.

By cleaning toxins, infections that cause acne are avoided, and it also has regulatory properties of facial oil.

Against dark circles

Another benefit of witch hazel is that it reduces dark circles that appear as a result of excessive exposure to screens, as well as fatigue accumulated throughout the days. Reduces the dark appearance of the skin and restores its natural tone.

Witch hazel as a face tonic

One quality of this cosmetic active ingredient lies in its ability as a facial care tonic. In addition, to intensify its astringent property, it is recommended to combine it in a mask with lemon, which is also an excellent remedy to combat acne pimples, or as a natural anti-inflammatory in sensitive skin.

Other uses of this water

  • For couperose. Some dermatologists say that witch hazel serves as a natural treatment for couperose, a skin condition caused by the dilation of capillaries that are marked on the face and other parts of the body. This is because it has a venotonic effect.
  • Returning to the eyes, applying the water around the contour, we eliminate impurities, delay the appearance of crow’s feet and other characteristic signs of aging. However, if you want to obtain a powerful anti-aging action, it should be mixed with other ingredients in natural masks such as this one with banana or this one with gelatin.
  • Regarding its uses on the body, witch hazel is appropriate to alleviate the symptom of tired legs, as it helps to reactivate blood circulation if applied by gently massaging the heart (from the limb towards the trunk). This happens after doing a lot of exercise, when you are on your feet for a long time or are tired and feel weak.


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